Online Courses – Funny Tweets


Ever wondered how online courses brings out the funny side in people on social media sites! Let us search Twitter for finding online humor. Here is a list of tweets showing how humor gets the better of online courses:

  •  Now that’s an interesting course.
  • This one reminded me of the Friends episode “The One with Monica and Chandler’s Wedding” where Joey Tribbiani is officiating the wedding.
  • Sometimes there is a TV schedule conflict with your online course and you choose  career over leisure.
  • Human Guinea Pigs!!!
  • Now that’s sheer determination.
  • This one is too sweet but 2MinsNoodle doesn’t count.

Twitter is indeed a great place to search for loads of funny tweets related to all types of categories. Yes, you will also be able to find online humor on online education, online courses and much more.

Got any funny tweets to share? Mention it in the comments and I will add those to my next post on funny tweets.

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